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Cargo Type General Cargos 
Contact Details  
Mr Dien
SEALION SHIPPING CO.LTD 19 Le Thuc Hoach str ,Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
+84 93 8006455
Load Port No Information
Discharge Port No Information
Laycan various
Volume 408369 DWT
Contact Information
Contact Ref No +84 93 8006455
Various cargos opening see list
1. MV. TAN BINH 05 -------------------- Opening Sandakan 10-15th July Built: 1981/JAPAN- Flag:VN- Class Number:VR 811388 Call sign :3WDN- IMO number:IMO 8114273- DWT/GRT/NRT: 3739.4 / 2913 /1266 L/ B/ D:78 m/ 14.50 m/ 9.90 m- Draught:5.850 m Cargo Capacity:Grain/Bale: 7,164.18 / 6,629.59 CBM; No.1: 2,227.57 / 2,055.95; No.2: 4,936.61 / 4,573.64 Derrick (03)03 x 8 T 2. MV PACICO -------------------------- Opening Bintulu 9-14th July CALL SIGN 3WTA, VIET NAM FLAG,IMO 9431379,BUILT2006 IN VIET NAM LOA 79.90 M ,LBP:75M ,BREADTH:12.80M,DEPTH:6.08M,DRAFT:5.0M,AIR DRAFT:23M , GRT/NRT/ DWT:1598/1099/3016.40; G/B CAPACITY 4036.90 M3 ,2H/2H . 3. MV.HOA BINH 27--------------------------------------------Opening Pasir Gudang 12-15th July 2008 VIETNAM FLAG, BUILT 2004, CALLSIGN 3WHF DWT/ GRT/NRT: 2,715.47/1455/950, LOA/BM/DRFT:74.0/12.3/5.20M, CAPACITY:3,497.7CBM,2HO/2HA,GEARLESS 4. MV.HOA BINH 36--------------------------------------------Opening Port Klang 30th July 2008 VIETNAM FLAG , BUILT 2006, CALLSIGN 3WNM DWT/ GRT/NRT: 2869.42/1575/956, LOA/BM/DRFT:74.24/12.3/5.40M, CAPACITY:3527.3CBM,2HO/2HA, GEARLESS 5. MV SAIL 16--------------------------------Opening Jakarta 13-16th July FLAG: VIETNAM,BUILT: 2004 TYPE: GENERAL CARGO DWT: 2261/GRT: 1305/NRT: 780 LOA: 75.84/BEAM: 10.85/DEPTH: 5.57M/ MAX DRAFT: 4.55 TOTAL CAP: 2895.60CBM; GEARLESS; PNI COVERED 6. MV. HANGIANG 01 ----------------------------Opening Ho Chi Minh city 15th July VN FLG, 2002 BLT CALL SIGN 3WTN GRT/NRT/DWT: 1,952/1,189/3,800MT L/B/D: 75.4/12.60/7.39M DRFT: 6.1M ;DWCC 3,600 MT BL/GR: 4,300/4,358CBM SINGLE-DECK ,2HO/2HA ,GEARLESS 7. Mv SAIL 36 ------------------------------------Opening Belawan 25-30th July CALL SIGN: 3WTM / IMO NUMBER : 9478602 / YEAR OF BUILD:HAI PHONG - 2007 DWT 4373.6/GR2551/NET 1497/CAP 5,4449CBM LOA 90.72 /BREADTH 12.98 /DEPTH 7.60 M DRAFT SUMMER : 6.16 M CAP HOLD No1: 2407.95 Cbm;HOLD No2:2442.84 Cbm HATCH COM No1:294.17 Cbm;HATCH COM No2:304.10 Cbm GEALESS
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