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Papachristidis is considering move to the Philippines Dated : 26-10-2007

Papachristidis says Hellespont's relationship with the Asian country is "fast-evolving" to the point where it will become an "important feature of the landscape of the Filipino maritime community and perhaps even a de facto Filipino shipping company".
In a speech on globalisation at the Asian Institute of Management in Manila, the chairman of Hellespont said: "The shift in our manning arrangements will have far-reaching implications for our profile in the Philippines". He inferred Hellespont is one of the first on the path of all western shipping companies which leads to the Philippines and "other competitive seafaring nations in the Far East" and, "because today's seafarers are tomorrow's superintendents", shipmanagement would migrate to the region "within the next generation".
Hellespont has had full Filipino manning since 2004, and now employs 500 Filipino officers and ratings within of 1m dwt. With panamax tankers, eight 17,000 chemtankers and four offshore supply vessels on order, the number of seafarers will more than double over the next few years.
The Philippines, the world's biggest supplier of seafarers with a 20% share, and in spite of its reputation for corruption and political instability, has attracted a growing amount of shippingrelated investment in the last couple of years.
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