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History of Titanic Ship

The 1912 sinking of Titanic ship

Titanic was one the greatest ship built in twentieth century. The ship was supposed to be unsinkable but some things are beyond the reach of human intelligence and cannot predict the future.

This was the first voyage of Titanic. Hundreds of passengers were in enthusiasm and ready to enjoy the long journey. The Titanic ship was considered to be strong enough and built on the latest technologies and was equipped with all sorts of emergency facilities. People from different countries like Iran, France and Italy were on board. The Captain of the Titanic was Edward Smith. He was a Jesuit and had served for J.P. Morgan. The powerful ship began its voyage from south England. The ship was supposed to pass through Atlantic Ocean on the way of its journey. Captain Smith was quite experienced person and had traveled the North Atlantic for 26 years. There were very few captains like him who had the experience of travelling in cold waters. He knew exactly where the icebergs were.

The journey of Titanic was planned to commence March 1912 but the construction ship could not be completed within specified time. Also the fuel required that is coal was not easily available because of strike the supply of coal wasn’t permitted. More than required quantity of fuel was then collected from other ships in order to ensure that lack of fuel supply wasn’t a problem for completion of journey. This fuel later added to the agony of disaster.

Titanic journey before disaster:
Titanic was registered in Liverpool. The historic journey began her maiden voyage from Southampton. It was Wednesday and cool morning of spring. Many of the passengers from other ships were transferred in this boat. The first halt she took was at Cherbourg, France. To attract the passengers from this part it was anchored a mile from shore.

The ship headed for its next halt in the evening. By after noon Titanic reached at Queenstown in Ireland. It was 11th April. Father Francis Brown, the most respected Jesuit priest stepped out at this place. He survived from being a part of the dreadful journey. He might have not even thought that the photographs taken by him will turn out to be the memories of this beautiful ship.

Titanic’s interior Decoration:
Though the ship was far in the midst of ocean far away from luxury out at home nothing was left to make the passengers live lavishing lifestyle. All sorts of entertainment things were available. Whole ship had abundant supply of electricity. The ship was equipped with four 400 kilowatt electrical generators. The passengers were given separate rooms and were able to use electric lamps and heaters. Many were experiencing the high level facilities for the first time. All variety food and drinks were available on the deck. There were many indoor games available. For those who had the practice of daily exercise gymnasium was present. Lifts were there for moving from one place to another. The huge storage of food was done and kept in appropriate refrigerating conditions. To protect from cold rooms were kept warm through heaters. Fans were provided at many places to take care of ventilation. Communication with the people thousands mile apart wasn’t a matter of worry telephones were also provided. The radios of this ship had range of four hundred miles during day time. Some of the recordings of radio operators were recorded before the ship sunk.

Day of tragedy:
It was only till 13 April that the passengers of titanic were able to take sleep to see the rising sun of next day. On April 14th of 1912, the Captain of the ship realized that he failed to identify a huge white iceberg. The ship was moving at full speed about 22 knots on a moonless night. Captain Smith tried his level best to turn the ship to avoid hitting the iceberg. He nearly would have succeeded but the speed with which it was propelling turned their efforts in vain. While half of the ship overcame the iceberg the later part unfortunately crashed against the rock solid iceberg. The first few cubicles which were water tight were struck badly and water started filling in the ship. Slowly the ships bow began to bow downwards ant the stern started raising. Soon the captain announced that there was crash that took place. Most of them refused to get down in safety ships since they believed that the ship was unsinkable. The ratio of number of ships compared to the no passengers was very less. Around twenty ships for twenty two hundred passengers. What was more tragic was that even these boats were not utilized by people. Soon the ship also caught up with fire. The additional fuel which was taken as measure of precaution added to the fire. The Titanic sank at 2:20 A.M. the morning of April 15. Till the moment that it sank, the band, under the direction of bandmaster Wally Hartley, played hymns.

Really nothing can be predicted and these are the things which suggest there is some super natural body governing this universe. May God rest the soul of all those who were the victims of this tragic movement rest in peace.
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