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As Olympic Vessels is free, the only way for us to run is via selling banner space on the website or via voluntary contribution from our members.

Banner Rates

Our ideas on banners are to keep them to a minimum so that your banner will stand out and be seen. Since there are not many of them the price is a little higher but you won't be just another banner.

Please let us know where you want your banner displayed in our various web-pages.

All banners will be linked to your website. If you pay in advance you get 12 months for the price of 10.

Standard banners

Price for a 150 x 150 tile banner:

1 Banner on the bottom of the welcome page is 500 EURO per month.
1 Banner on the bottom of the inner pages is 200 EURO per month.

Tailor made banners

Let us know your requirement and we will do our best to accomodate your requirement. The cost will depend on your specification, we will send you a quote.

To advertise, contact us at:

Voluntary contribution

If you would like to thank us for a deal you have made through our website or simply encourage us to develop and maintain this free website, you can help us by making a voluntary contribution:

- by credit or debit cards via the PayPal donation button which is displayed on the welcome page of the website next to the Members Login (paypal is a free and secure way to send money - check on

- via regular mail (see our address below);

- via money transfer (contact us for details)

Please contact us for more details. You can also send us a cheque payable to Olympic Vessels. To prevent theft, please do not send cash through the mail. 

Our mailing address:

Olympic Vessels Suite: 193
2 Lansdowne Row  
Berkeley Square
London W1J6HL
United Kingdom 

 Thank you

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