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  About Us is your free gateway to the maritime markets and to the great maritime community. 

My name is Mr Elios Patronikolas,  I worked in the maritime industry for quite a while before retiring and founding this website with a friend. We decided to set up this website for the benefit of the maritime community and to offer for the first time a proper free website that will connect the various actors of the great maritime community. We worked hard to deliver you this website, below are some explanation about it.

If you are interested you can also view my blog dedicated to my long time friend and regretted Aristole Socrate Onassis - click below (it takes few seconds to appear).

Olympic Vessels is:

  • Driven by our passion for the maritime industry
  • Set up to become the most complete and up-to-date Internet listing covering all the Merchant Vessels markets;
  • The first 100% free website dedicated to the maritime markets and maritime news;
  • The easiest and most powerful site of its type anywhere on the Internet
  • The quickest and most effective way to bring any new and used products, related to the marine industry to the market;
  • A powerful maritime news gateway.

Olympic Vessels is NOT

  • A  dealer or reseller as we do not  own or sell any of the items listed on our website, these are added by our members.
  • Charging any fees, commissions to our member for using our website or for successfully selling their items. 

We keep things simple

  • Register freely with us and add any of your Maritime items on the relevant listing details, your lisitng will be added automatically to the listing without delay.
  • All items are easily and simply accessible from our straight -forward navigation bar

We believe

  • The Internet is the ideal medium for advertising maritime items for sale - print advertising
  • just can't match the web for content, completeness and timeliness
  • Customers, both readers and advertisers, deserve the best service in the world
  • Our readers should have the very best tools to support their search

Our rules

Rule #1 Keep it 100% FREE

Looking, registering and using any services offered by is 100% free. There are no hidden fees or commission and no online payment. All our members are gold members and can use freely. This website is your website and has been set up for you, to help your business growing. 

As our website is free, the only way for us to run is via selling banner space on the website or via voluntary contribution from our members (see the link advertise with us). 

If you want to support us, you can send your contribution (any amount is welcome) by credit or debit cards via the Donation button located in the welcome page of the website ( is a free and secure way to send money).

Rule #2 Passion  

You don't achieve any leadership position without having an extraordinary passion for what you do and a desire to do it better than anyone else. We are passionate about the maritime industry and we relish the challenge of working better, faster, more imaginatively for our Mamebers to support them in their own business.  

Rule #3 Innovation  

Our constant pursuit of innovation in how we work is driven by our absolute commitment to delivering exceptional value to our Members. We innovate to stay ahead. It's that simple. Innovation takes many forms at, from developments in how we improve the services offered on the website, to exploiting IT, to new maritime categories and creating new uses for established categories. We are also open to an suggestions and ideas from our members which can help us to improve (e-mail us!).

 Rule #4 Keep it simple  

If you want to look at something on, just point and click. No log in, no password, no forms to fill out and NO POP UP ADS. We want to keep it simple because nobody likes being driven crazy trying to view an ad. Our goal is to get an ad for every maritime items or services that is listed onto the website so that buyers will only have to go one place to see if a vessel like they want is for sale. Our way of doing this is to make it free for the seller to place his ad and simple for the buyer to search for any maritime items and services wanted. And you won't find any stale ads. If an ad is on for more than 120 days it is because the seller has renewed the ad.

You can put as much of a description in your ad as you like, but the concept of the site is like a classified ad in a newspaper. To give the buyer enough information so that if they are interested, they will click on your e-mail address, or call you, and request more information. You can put as much information as you want in there, but the original idea was like a classified ad.

If you are having a crisis and just can't seem to get your ad or photos in, you can fax your ads to Olympic Vessels (see contact us section) and we will add it for you.   

If you find it too tough to post the listing yourself for whatever reason, you can send your information and photos with a check for 20Euros (or equivalent currency): 
Olympic Vessels 
Suite: 193
2 Lansdowne Row 
Berkeley Square
London W1J6HL 
United Kingdom
Post your items and services on and hope it works out because it will save you money.

Come to to look for any maritime items and services, and if you find one, tell your friends where you saw it.

We are trying to be the best site out there. Most of the features that people need with none of the cost and simple to use. Wish us luck. has the right to remove any ad at any time.

Thanks for visiting Olympic Vessels

Olympic Vessels

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